When it comes to lacrosse I have never met someone more passionate about the game.  The athlete becomes an extension of his family.  From running youth camps, coaching minor or Junior or just hanging out at the outdoor lacrosse courts – Jamie is 100% all in.  For me what I enjoy most is a young lacrosse player out in the community run up to “coach shim” with a big smile and start talking lax.  Jamie has the ability to relate to players at any level and help them reach their full lacrosse potential.
Chris Dawson
General Manager
Wallaceburg Red Devils Jr. B Lacrosse Club


I would like to thank Leave Your Mark Lacrosse for your efforts at making our July camp an overwhelming success.

Your curriculum combined basic skills with innovative contest that made it fun for all participants.

We found your instructors very good at interacting with the children.
Looking forward to continuing our relationship at future camps offered by our organization.

R.J. Hamilton
Chairperson Bothwell Area Recreation Advisory Committee

I have known Jamie for more then 25 years and have yet to meet someone who is more passionate or has more knowledge about the game of lacrosse! He has coached my son in the minor system and at the junior level. My son has played both hockey and lacrosse at a very competitive level and when asked to date what coach has had the most impact on him it would be Jamie. As a parent it is very important to see a relationship between my son and his coach and I felt they had a very solid relationship. Jamie can be intense but is always fair! If you show up, work hard, and can handle constructive criticism you will benefit from his program. It is so wonderful seeing someone from our community pursuing what they love most.

Ivy Johnston

As a parent, you always want what is best for your child. When my son was three, my friend suggested I put him in lacrosse. That’s when we first met coach Shim and his colleagues. It did not take long for my son to fall in love with the sport as well as the coaches and trainers. Lacrosse season is very short and when your child loves a sport and wants to keep playing you want to provide this for them not only because they like it, but for them to excel, get better and learn as they grow.


Brody has benefited from Jamie’s Lacrosse camp not only because he gives his 100% but because Jamie and his team offer him time, practice and knowledge. No matter the number of participants at a camp, they always offer some one on one time with the kids to help them work on their skills. The camps are also a great way for the players to grow into the game by meeting and playing with other Lacrosse players. Not only do they get to meet new friends, but they get to also learn from a diverse group of lacrosse players.


As a parent, I am thankful that these camps exist because they have answered to my son’s needs as well and many others in the community. It is always a great time and let’s face it, when kids are having fun, they are also learning and are hungry for more. I recommend these camps to any child who wishes to grow as a lacrosse player or to simply learn the game. You won’t regret it 🙂
Mariah Moore
Educational Consultant, CSC Providence

My favorite things about Coach Shim camps are the 1 on 1 tournaments because I get to play with different lacrosse players and get better and also learn from their skills. I also enjoy, having Jordan, Justin, Bronson and Tanner there because they played for the Red Devils and they help me become stronger and I want to make them proud and be a Red Devil one day. Also, you get to smash watermelons and that is a lot of fun and helps you work on your shooting.
Brody Moore #9